Chew Toys for dogs

Play time is never enough for dogs. And chew toys are part of the games that make the day for the dogs. This might just helps to distract them a while from the usual “chewable” items in the house, such as tennis balls, plush toys, shoes and even walls.

Though there is just so many types of chew toys available for pet dogs in the market. Is there a certain guideline on which one to choose?

Some chew toys are natural which gives you less worry about things like Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, etc but natural toys also has its disadvantages being that it can’t last long, tends to grow bacteria and gets really smelly sometimes. It might not do well when the dogs swallow it and might causes problems in the intestine.

Pluff toys are interesting and attractive for the dogs. Some comes with squeaky sounds and dogs just love it.

Find a good quality chew toys for dogs, built to last longer and designed to be destroyed so that would keep your dog having a good time longer. Try the one below.