Chewing bones is good for your pet.

While it is true that the mineral content of bones is important for your cat or dog’s balanced diet, these minerals are usually contained as processed bone meal in pet foods. Mineral supplements for your pet may be recommended in specific medical condition, but this is unlikely to be necessary for a healthy pet. All bones can cause intestinal obstruction, or fragment and lacerate the bowel. These accidents may cause panic and pain for the pet innocently enjoying a treat and often require surgical intervention.

Of course, puppies and dogs need to chew on something. Offer them appropriate chewable objects made of rawhide or tough synthetics such as nylon. Provide them with a wide variety of chew toys of all shapes and sizes to keep them occupied for just several minutes at a time or several hours. Remove chew toys if your pet has a tendency to swallow them whole when only smaller pieces remain.

Some recommended chew toys for dog such as below are great for dogs.

If your dog becomes aggressive when chewing on favorite items, you have several choices: eliminate the chew toys altogether; offer them only when your pet is certain to be undisturbed; or teach your pet to relinquish these and other objects on command. Finally, kitchen waste containing potentially dangerous but tempting bones must be secured and made unavailable to your scavenging pet.