Intestinal parasites affect only young pets

Parasitic worms in the digestive tract are usually (but not always) orally transmitted in the form of microscopic eggs. This can occur from direct contact between individuals, such as between a mother animal and her offspring or between animals when they groom or lick each other in greeting. The transmission of parasite eggs can also […]

A warm, dry nose means your pet is ill.

There are many clues that indicate when dogs or cats are not feeling well. Unfortunately, feeling the nose is not a reliable way to evaluate you it pet’s health. The normal body temperature of cats and dogs is generally between 100 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit (about 37.5 to 39.5 degrees Celsius). Their body temperatures are […]

Animals heal themselves by licking.

It is a natural response for many animals to lick their wounds. This behavior indeed has survival value, or it would not be so widespread. Even among human beings, it is instinctive to place a sore finger in the mouth. The action of licking an injured area is soothing partly because it interrupts the perception […]